Saturday, December 1, 2007

Karthigai Pori Urundai

Nel Pori- 2 cups (500 ml)
Fried gram- 2 Tbsps
Roasted Groundnut- 1 Tbsp
Roasted Coconut pieces: 1 Tbsp
Jaggery (powdered)- 125 ml
Cardamom powder- half a tsp
Mix all ingredients except Jaggery and cardamom powder well and keep aside. Add just enough water to cover the jaggery in a thick pan and heat until it froths and forms single string consistency syrup. Add cardamom powder. Mix well and pour into the ingredient mixture. Mix well with a spatula and when a little cool, make balls. If the syrup is too sticky, use a little rice flour to dab on your hands to avoid the stickiness. This is traditionally made with Nel pori and Aval pori for Karthigai.

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